Alif Ba Ta HD Free

Alif Ba Ta HD is an app for learning arabic alphabet

4.1 stars on Android Market

Alif Ba Ta HD FreeAndroid Market4.1

Alif Ba Ta HD is an all NEW app for learning & teaching arabic alphabet/arabic letters.
Retina-ready, cute cartoon design to keep your child entertained while learning.


Alif Ba Ta HD is touch-enabled.


Unlike any other app in the store, there is not video to load, so this app is the most convenient to have, and is easy on your wallet!
No more long loading time! Touch the alphabet and hear the correct pronunciation!
Your child can learn the alphabet in sequence, and when they are ready, you can test their memory and pronunciation by randomising the alphabets.
This will test your child’s ability to connect the sound (pronunciation) and visual (alphabets).
By using this app, your child can demonstrate a faster learning ability.


Key Features:

  • Alif Ba Ta HD has a fresh new interface to keep your children entertained while learning
  • Alif Ba Ta HD is built around high resolution images
  • Alif Ba Ta HD gives you the opportunity to learn arabic letters in sequence, or easily randomise them!
  • Alif Ba Ta HD gives you the correct pronunciation for each arabic alphabet by tapping on the letters itself!
  • With Alif Ba Ta HD, there’s no video to load, so it won’t take much of your internet bandwidth!